Spotlights for Trucks

It might seem like an easy task to find spotlights for trucks. But, as you look at the options, you will quickly see that you have a few decisions that need to be made. Here at SpeedTech Lights, we offer a variety of products to help you find exactly what you need for your truck. These lights come in different sizes and wattages, allowing you to customize your vehicle to meet your specifications.
Don’t feel overwhelmed by the options that are available! Our team here at SpeedTech Lights is happy to answer your questions. We can talk with you to identify the products that will be best for your truck.

Carbine Series Spotlights

Our carbine series is quite popular because these products offer spotlights and sizes that work in any situation. The Quad Carbine is the traditional spotlight, offering all of the basic features that you might be looking for. If you need something on the rooftop of a vehicle, consider the benefits of the Dual Carbine 25 rooftop bar.
The third option in this series is the Dual Carbine-2, which also comes in a smaller size as the Carbine-2. This smaller size is beneficial if you need to mount the lights on the grille of your truck.
For more information about each of these Carbine Series Spotlights, check them out below:

Spotlight Features

Each of the spotlights in the Carbine series contains 3, 10-watt LEDs per module. The Dual Carbine series contains 4, 3-watt LEDs, and each model has a 2×2 square for the light placements.
As you look at the product pages, you will see that there are three optics offered for each spotlight. Depending on the function, you might choose the floodlight, spotlight, or hybrid if you need both features. On the Dual Carbine 2 and Carbine 2, you only have the selection of floodlight or spotlight.
Here at SpeedTech Lights, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to each of our customers. Our goal is to ensure that you are completely happy with the LED lights that you receive from our company. Whether you are looking for spotlights for trucks or any other type of LED light bar, we can help! Contact us today to learn more about the products that are offered on our website.