Cop Sirens – Essential Features Needed for Your Police Car

There are two essential features on an emergency vehicle to capture the attention of other drivers in the area: light bars and cop sirens. The lights provide the visible warning that an emergency vehicle is coming through, and the police sirens are just as essential to give an audible warning of the emergency.

Cop Sirens and Lights Working Together

The most effective way to notify other drivers is to use both the lights and sirens at the same time, although there are certain situations when only the lights or sirens are used alone. If the driver glances in their rearview mirror, they might be able to see the lights coming up from behind. But, there are certain situations where the lights might not be visible yet, which is why it is essential to use the sirens simultaneously.

When both the lights and sirens are used together, drivers have the opportunity to hear the emergency vehicle approaching, which will cue them to look in their mirrors so that they can see where the sound is coming from. This dynamic approach makes it easier for drivers to move out of the way so that the emergency vehicle can quickly move through.

Familiar Sounds of Police Sirens

There is a reason that sirens are designed to sound the same, because the emergency responders need a universal noise to alert citizens of the problem. If emergency vehicles had different sounds for the sirens, then it might be confusing to people who hear the sirens.

Even though there is a universal sound of the siren, there are different patterns that can be selected depending on the needs of each situation. There is a standard pitch and progression that is typically used for a police siren, and other patterns and cadences may be used on other types of emergency vehicles. For example, ambulances often have the regular rise and fall sounds similar to a cop siren, as well as a faster pattern in the middle of the consistent noises.

So, if you are buying a police siren for your emergency vehicle, then you need to consider the familiar sounds that are typically used in order to ensure that you choose the right sound patterns for your needs.

State Laws for Cop Sirens

There are certain laws that need to be followed when it comes to cop sirens and emergency vehicle lighting, so it is essential that you understand these laws when installing sirens or lights on your car or truck. Whether you are outfitting an emergency response vehicle or adding a few accessories to a private car, you need to make sure that you are staying compliant with the law.

Durable Sirens for Your Police Car or Emergency Vehicle

You need to know that your siren will function properly in times of an emergency, which is why it is essential that you buy the siren from a trusted source. Here at SpeedTech Lights, we are the leading provider of high quality police sirens and we will gladly help as you are outfitting your vehicle. For more information about the various sirens and features that are available, we invite you to contact our team today!