Firefighter Light Bar: Modern Innovations for Emergency Vehicles

When you see a fire truck flying down the street with their fire truck light bars on and sirens blaring, then you know that you need to get out of the way to let the truck through. All emergency vehicles are outfitted with the right lights and sirens that can be used to alert citizens in case of an emergency situation.

Why are Firefighter Lights Needed?

When an emergency call is made to notify that a problem is occurring, it is important for the medical and response teams to arrive as quickly as possible. For example, a firefighter team might be called to respond to a fire, and every moment that they are delayed increases the amount of damage that occurs because of the fire. Fast response saves lives and prevents additional damage to the building.

Sometimes a fire truck might be responding to a medical emergency instead of a fire. In these medical situations, time is still very important, because a few moments difference in time could potentially save a person’s life.

The problem is that emergency vehicles can get caught up in traffic, making it difficult for them to get to their destination. With the right type of firefighter light bar, it becomes easier to notify other cars that the fire truck is coming through. When the other drivers see the lights and hear the loud sirens, then they know that they need to pull off to the side of the road to let the firefighters through.

Modern Features of Firefighter Truck Lights

Many years ago, fire trucks only had a siren without the lights. Now that technology has advanced, the combination of the lights and the siren make it much easier for the fire truck to be heard and seen. In the early days of cars, the technology didn’t allow people to drive very fast and the sirens were sufficient at the time. Now that drivers move much faster and the roads are more congested, it is important that firefighters have the ability to quickly clear traffic so that they can get through. These modern features increase the safety of the firefighter crew and the other drivers on the road.

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