Benefits of MultiColor Functionality for LED Light Bars

MultiColor functionality can be a great feature to use with both full sized light bars, and our Traffic Advisor stick bars, including the Striker-6 & Striker-8. There are some slight differences between these product types, so consider the differences in order to choose the right products for your vehicle:

Traffic Advisor Stick Bars

  • Standard Design: You choose the color in the drop-down option when purchasing the product. That color is what the Traffic Advisor will flash in, so all flashing features will match your preferences. When you choose the traffic advisor function, you can choose the direction of the flash and the color as well. For example, if you choose red clear, then it will maintain the red clear color for all features.
  • MultiColor Design: If you want a dual color functionality, then multicolor is the best solution. For example, if you select a red clear multicolor design, then the red clear colors will be used for most functions. But, hitting the traffic advisor button will turn it to a full amber color.

Full Sized Light Bars (36” and Up)

  • Standard Design: Every full sized bar comes standard with an amber traffic advisor. No matter what color combo you select, choosing “Standard” in the Traffic Advisor drop down will give you an arrow stick in the amber color. So, if you choose Red Clear, the front modules will be red clear, but the 6 modules in the back for the traffic advisor will be amber.
  • MultiColor Design: The entire bar including traffic advisor will flash in the color you choose. So if you choose red clear, both the front and back will flash in red clear. When you hit the traffic advisor function on the control box, the dual color LEDs are activated, and the arrow stick turns to amber.

Benefits of MultiColor Light Bars

If you want full functionality, then you should consider the benefits of multicolor features. These products make the vehicle more dynamic and ready for anything.  You can use flashing warning lights for any situation that may arise on the road, and you have access to a fully functional amber arrow stick.

Essentially, you are getting two products for the price of one: Flasher and Traffic Advisor. This cost efficient solution gives you the tools that are needed on the road. These tools make your vehicle multi-functional and ready to adapt to anything. All functions are consolidated into one control box.

MultiColor stick bars allow you to take control of any scene – whether that be directing traffic at a construction site, emergencies and accidents, towing to protect your vehicle, crowd control, pilot cars, or increased visibility on any vehicle.

When the Traffic Advisor multicolor feature is in action, you have three directions to choose from:

  • Right to Left
  • Left to Right
  • Center Out

These features are meant to facilitate traffic control and protect emergency personnel who are on the scene. If you want to activate the multicolor functionality, then all you need to do is hit one of the arrows on your STL control box.

MultiColor is yet another example of how SpeedTech Lights is committed to bringing cutting edge technology to our customers. Our team at STL is constantly introducing innovative products to provide our customers the tools they need to protect themselves and others on the road. We specialize in building quality products with all the functionality of higher priced competitors, without sacrificing the affordable price point you have come to expect from SpeedTech Lights. Contact us to learn more!