Semi Truck Light Bars

The right semi truck light bars are essential to help you maintain safety on the road, especially when you are driving at night. Semi trucks cover long distances in a short time, making it essential that every truck driver has high-quality equipment available.

Here at SpeedTech Lights, we are experienced with all types of truck light bars, including light bars for semi trucks. We invite you to browse through our website so that you can see all of the products that are offered.
Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are choosing semi truck light bars:

Choose the Right Light Bars for your Semi Truck

The number of lights and size of the light bars should be based on the overall size of the truck. Before you make the purchase, identify the areas where you would like the lights to be installed. This plan will help you pick the right light bars strategically so that your vehicle is visible while on the road.

Consider the different sides and surfaces of the truck to make sure it is visible from all angles. For example, lights on the front and back of the truck might not be visible from the sides, so it might be necessary to mount a few lights on the sides as well.

Quality and Durability

Quality matters, especially when it affects safety on the road. If the lights fail, then it could result in a situation where you are putting yourself in danger. Choose a trusted brand with a good reputation. Then, you will have the peace of mind to know that the lights will work when you need them most!

You should be sure that you are choosing high-quality light bars for trucks and a sturdy mounting system to hold the lights in place. The right LEDs can last for many years, and good mounting and housing will protect the lights that are within the light bar unit.

Colors and Features

What color of light bars do you need? There are a variety of colors, but certain colors are restricted to emergency response vehicles only. So, it is important that you check local laws before choosing the light colors for your semi truck.

Additionally, look at the features that are offered. Certain light bars offer flashing patterns and different programmable lighting tools that can be useful when you are on the road. Here at SpeedTech Lights, we have many different products for you to choose from!