Customizing Your Ambulance or Fire Truck Lights

At SpeedTech Lights, we offer more than just great pricing – we pride ourselves on our ability to give our customers the industry specific options they need to customize their emergency vehicle to their exact specifications. Our Alpha-Z series is the perfect example of how this new product can be beneficial for your ambulance or fire truck.

Large Flush Mounts on Emergency Vehicles

Fire trucks, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles rely on large flush mounts to meet the light output requirements for each “zone” on their vehicle. It is necessary to ensure that the rules are followed to ensure visibility on the road during an emergency situation.

With the recent introduction of our Alpha-Z Colored Lenses, our customers now have more options than ever. You can choose the size and features of LED light installations to customize your order.

Usually, flush mounted products are placed on the side of the fire engine or back of an ambulance. Now, the Alpha Z is available in three sizes – giving volunteer firefighters, EMS personnel, and fire truck owners the opportunity to choose the cost-effective configuration that best meets their needs.

Features of the Alpha Z Series

Is the Alpha Z series right for your vehicle? Here are a few features to help you decide if you need this equipment:

  • The Alpha Z is available in 7×3, 6×4, and 7×9 sizes with differing amount of 3-Watt MaxGen LEDs, and 7 color combinations.
  • The Colored Lenses give you more flexibility to customize not only the colors of LEDs when they are powered on but the look of the LEDs when they are powered off. Build the exact visual look and performance you need.
  • Lenses are available in each size in 3 colors: Red, Blue, and Amber.
  • To stretch your dollar as far as possible, mix and match sizes or purchase the Alpha Z and lens covers in a discount 4-pack.
  • 3-year standard warranty

This Alpha-Z series is easy to sync, easy to install, and the perfect way to add emergency lighting power to your vehicle in an affordable, yet powerful way. It is a great solution for volunteer fire departments looking to revamp a vehicle, replace old lights, or outfit a new vehicle on a budget.

If you are looking for an efficient way to pack as many ambulance warning lights into a small surface area, then you need to consider the Alpha-Z products. You can simplify the installation instead of mounting multiple Z products to get the same output.

Are you interested in learning more about the Alpha Z series or other products offered here on our website? Contact our team at SpeedTech Lights. We are here to help!