Why Truck Emergency Lights are needed on a Work Site

Truck emergency lights are used on common emergency vehicles, including ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars. But, there are other situations where these lights are beneficial, such as on a work site for a construction crew. How are Emergency Truck Lights Used? In most conventional situations, these truck lights are used to notify other drivers that […]

Best Motorcycle Strobe Lights for Your Bike

Motorcycle strobe lights are often used in emergency situations, so most emergency responders have these light bars installed on their motorcycle. If you are in the market to buy these types of lights, then it is important that you are selective about the quality of product that you purchase. Choosing the right light bar will […]

Semi Truck Light Bars

The right semi truck light bars are essential to help you maintain safety on the road, especially when you are driving at night. Semi trucks cover long distances in a short time, making it essential that every truck driver has high-quality equipment available. Here at SpeedTech Lights, we are experienced with all types of truck […]

Cheap Police Sirens vs. Expensive Sirens

A siren is useful in a variety of situations, which is why it is a common tool to have installed on emergency response vehicles. The combination of the flashing lights and loud sirens is the way that emergency vehicles can notify other drivers that the car or truck is coming through traffic. All drivers know […]