Customizing Your Ambulance or Fire Truck Lights

At SpeedTech Lights, we offer more than just great pricing – we pride ourselves on our ability to give our customers the industry specific options they need to customize their emergency vehicle to their exact specifications. Our Alpha-Z series is the perfect example of how this new product can be beneficial for your ambulance or […]

A Brief History of Red and Blue Police Lights

Everyone knows what it means when they see red and blue flashing lights: a police officer is nearby. These flashing red and blue police lights have become an indicator that you need to be aware because a law enforcement officer is nearby. It wasn’t always that way though, and you will understand more about these […]

The Many Uses of Strobe Lights for Cars

Most people assume that strobe lights for cars are only used in emergency situations, but the truth is that there are a variety of reasons why you need to have a strobe light installed on your car. Many emergency vehicles use these tools on a regular basis, as well as firefighters, tow trucks, and construction […]

4 Ways to Use Strobe Lights for Trucks

Whether you are customizing a construction truck or an emergency vehicle, it can be beneficial to install truck strobe lights. It is surprising to see how often the strobe lights can be useful because they are a fast way to capture the attention of other drivers in the area. Here are a few reasons you […]