Red and Blue Police Lights – Am I Allowed to Use Them?

It might sound like a fun idea to install red and blue police lights on your personal car. But, it is important that you understand the laws relating to LED light bar installation on various vehicles. Most states and countries have rules about the types of lights that can be installed and the colors that you can use.

Here at SpeedTech Lights, we are experts in the industry, and we will gladly help you find the lighting systems that will work best for your car.

What LED Light Colors are Legal?

Before you install red and blue police lights on your car, you should learn more about your local laws. Most likely, you will find that it is illegal to use these colors in a private vehicle. In fact, there are certain colors that are designated for specific types of vehicles. These regulations are designed to keep everyone safe on the road. When you see flashing lights, the colors will help you identify the situation.

Anyone can purchase an emergency light, but just because you can buy it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can use it legally. At SpeedTech Lights, sometimes we have customers ask if they can legally purchase the red and blue police lights that are sold on our website. Even though our products are available to the general public, you need to do your research to understand the laws in your local area.

Certain types of LED lights, such as off road lights or amber lights, can be used on private vehicles. These lights can legally be installed on private vehicles since the products are being used for personal reasons. Additionally, there are certain professions that require the use of mounted LED lights, such as construction vehicles, tow trucks, private security companies, farmers, and more.

Sourcing Emergency Vehicle Equipment

If you work for a government agency, then you can buy the red and blue police lights and install these products on the fleet of vehicles. These warning lights are useful in a variety of situations. Police officers and other emergency response teams find that the right LED lighting system can be essential to ensure the safety of the government workers and the public.

As a general rule of thumb, lights that are red or blue in color should only be used on authorized emergency vehicles. At SpeedTech Lights, we have all of the products that you need to outfit your fleet. For more information about the products that are offered, we invite you to contact our experienced team right away.