A Brief History of Red and Blue Police Lights

Everyone knows what it means when they see red and blue flashing lights: a police officer is nearby. These flashing red and blue police lights have become an indicator that you need to be aware because a law enforcement officer is nearby. It wasn’t always that way though, and you will understand more about these lights when you see the history.

Police Lights have Been Around for A While

Lights on police cars have actually been around for quite a while, which is why everyone knows what the flashing red and blue lights mean when they are visible. In fact, laws have been passed preventing private citizens from installing these police lights on their own cars, to make it easy for others to distinguish between a hobbyist and a true police car.

The use of lights by police dates back to the 1940’s. At the time, police officers had single beacon lights that were used to get the attention of other people in the area. It was a simple solution that did the job, especially since there wasn’t other technology available at the time. Cars drove slower, making it easier to alert someone with just a single light.

Improving the System

As technology advancements came along, police officers discovered that there were more advanced and efficient technologies available to use. Eventually, the use of a single beacon was replaced with a mounted light bar, making the light visible 360 degrees around the car. Additionally, a mounted light bar freed up the police officer’s hands, allowing them to focus on other tools and activities.

The first type of mounted light bar utilized a magnetic mount, which was convenient because it could be used on-the-go. As time passed, the magnetic mount was replaced with built-in mounted light bars, which is what police officers use today.

Police Light Options

Now, there are a number of police light products that are available to choose from. The light colors vary depending on the country, and there are light bars that can be installed on top of the car, inside the car, or anywhere else you need the lights to be.

Interior light bars can even be installed in the visor and other discreet areas of the car, to make it easy to have the built-in lighting functionality on undercover cars as well.

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